Thoughts On Reality by Sally Cunis


When I was studying and training to be a healer back in 1986, several things were said at the time of which I had little understanding, but which have since come home to roost in more recent years.  One of these sayings was: “We create our own reality.”  One can see this on several levels, one being that mentally, we (unconsciously or otherwise) choose to see things in certain ways.  This will be very much affected by our upbringing, religious and societal conditioning, and personal experiences.  I can remember being fairly gobsmacked at the idea of dowsing a `thought form`.  A dowsing friend `drew` a line in the air with his hand, without me looking, and I then had to find out where in the air this thought form was.  My rods crossed when I hit upon it.


This says to me, that everything starts with thought.  We do nothing, create nothing, without it starting as a thought.  A wise and extraordinary woman who was a family friend in my childhood, said that “thoughts are things.”  I was also told, during my Healing training, that “we are co-creators with God.”  I realise that everyone sees “God” in a very different way, and for the purposes of clarity in this article, I hope you will not mind my outlining my own very personal view of what “God” is.


I feel that everything that exists consists of energy, and also that everything that exists has a consciousness; perhaps that may be easily understood if one is thinking of people, or animals, but it may be a more difficult concept to take on board if one applies that to plants, trees, or even rocks, and the planet herself.  To me, the `god` spark is within everything and everyone, and this `god` consciousness provides the `oneness` that is spoken of in many religious philosophies.  This is why, when we damage ourselves, or each other, or any other creature or created `thought`, we actually do damage to the whole of creation, not just to ourselves, and not just to a part of it.…………..To continue reading click here


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