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Books referred to in ‘Reincarnation The Evidence’ talk

by Chris Hytch  08/05/18

  • Cayce Edgar – On Reincarnation
  • Bernstein Morey – The Search For Bridey Murphy
  • Dyer Wayne and Garnes Dee – Memories Of Heaven
  • Fisher Joe – The Case For Reincarnation
  • Keeton Joe with Simon Petherick – The Power Of The Mind
  • Lenz Frederick – Lifetimes, True Accounts Of Reincarnation
  • Lonegren Sig – Spiritual Dowsing
  • Lucas Winafred Blake – Regression Therapy, A Handbook For Professionals
  • Newton Michael – Journey Of Souls, Case Studies Of Life Between Lives
  • Shroder Tom – Old Souls – The Scientific Evidence For Past Lives

Important Update To Sound Dowsing Website

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After almost two years since we published it, our website has been updated to include discussion of ‘Biocentrism’ a concept developed by Robert Lanza MD (a biologist and leading light in stem cell research) and the respected astronomer, Bob Berman. Nigel Twinn has also reviewed ‘Beyond Biocentrism’ a book jointly wrtten by these authors since we believe the ideas in it are very important indeed to any serious discussion of dowsing theory.

The link to NT’s review can be found under Latest News which is listed at the top of all Devon Dowsers’web pages. Our web site will now allow visitors’ comments and we look forward to receiving all of them, whether favourable or otherwise.

Nigel Twinn and Bill Kenny October 2017

Book Review -Beyond Biocentrism

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Beyond Biocentrism

Robert Lanza with Bob Berman BenBella Books

I somehow missed Biocentrism, the first book in this series, which came out in 2010, while I was enmeshed in finishing Hamish Miller’s biography. However, the sequel Beyond Biocentrism is crucial reading for anyone who wants more than a few pointers as to why dowsing might work. Read more

Book Review – The Sun And The Serpent by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst

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I found this book absolutely brilliant! I am a novice dowser and this book was really informative. It explains all about the Michael and Mary Lines that run from Carn Les Boel in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk.

The authors describe their journey over a period of years, and make it a very interesting read. Also it made me want to visit the places they describe.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book.


New Book by Devon Dowsers Member Nigel Twinn

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CS Book Cover

Devon Dowsers (and also Tamar Dowsers) member Nigel Twinn announces the publication of his new book – a collaboration with Christopher Strong – entitled Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser – Practicing Intuition in Every Aspect of Living – which is now available from Penwith Press
Please see for details.

Nigel will also have a book signing day at BookStop in Tavistock on Friday June 10th between 10am and mid- afternoon. See

As many readers who have met him will know, Christopher is not only one of the most experienced and respected dowsers of his generation, but he is also a consummate raconteur in his own right.

While the book describes his remarkable life’s journey, primarily in his own words, the selected extracts from a portfolio running into thousands of successful case studies, spread across several decades and numerous countries, form the core of this fascinating, and often highly amusing, epic.

Nigel reports that working with Christopher has been both a pleasure and a privilege and adds that his own contribution (other than in getting the saga into print) has been to record the essence of Christopher’s many challenges and adventures. These have resulted in the development of a wonderfully integrated outlook on life that few – even amongst the ranks of senior dowsing professionals – can match.

We congratulate Nigel on his achievement and wish both him and Christopher every future success.

The Admin Team

Talk Review – Looking At Detrimental Energies

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Our first talk of the year entitled:- “Looking at Detrimental Energies” was given by David Lockwood from Trewen near Launceston.

Over 30 of us travelled the wild and windswept roads to Chulmleigh to listen to a very entertaining and absorbing talk on detrimental energies that can affect both us as humans, and also the houses that we live in.
David who clearly is a very good teacher quickly built a great rapport with his audience, and what comes across is the methodical approach he uses to problem-solve with the use of his well-tried lists on different areas of detrimental energy.

In a step by step process he showed us how he uses dowsing at every stage to identify which of our four main bodies are affected (ie physical, etheric, mental or spiritual body) and then continues by asking questions relating to the main root cause before healing that problem (eg if its geopathic stress, or attachments etc.).

As with many speakers on the subject of healing, David believes everything can be reduced to energy…. good or bad and introduced us to the concept of ‘Chi’ and how it affects us; then quickly (without some of us noticing!) moved on to talk of ‘God’ – “if one were to believe in that” as he said, sub-atomic particles and then the smaller god-particle of Hadron collider fame….and then gave us an even smaller particle to think about called “Theones”………….not yet discovered but fill all space (and outer space) where currently we are told nothing exists.

At this philosophical point I did think that this perhaps agrees with what such people as Sir Oliver Lodge & Arthur C Doyle used to talk about in that the “ethers” filled space and interconnected everything with everything else …… or am I wrong in that? No doubt someone will tell me! (I did always wonder how light froma distant star could travel millions of light years through the void of nothing? …i.e. If nothing exists between us and that star… how can something travel through this
nothing … if it’s not there….as it were!)

Happily David brought out his clutch of pendulums to practice with, and everybody greatly enjoyed some of the simple tasks he set us, like finding another person’s aura, getting them to think of eating slugs, then of happier things and testing the difference in distance from the body in our auras. He also talked on the subject of our chakras, and got some of us to see our own aura around our fingers as a grey layer a few millimetres from our physical body.

The talk and questions went on well beyond our normal finishing time but one of the more controversial ones for us dowsers was that of “Ley discs”. I asked David for one of his slides on the ley disc diagram it is as shown below…..and these are David’s words of explanation to go with it:-

Ley and Earth Energy Discs

A few days later I tuned in and asked to find the storage system used for a planets ‘life force’ system; it led me to understanding that ley lines were in fact huge discs  housing Chi. To keep the Chi fresh not stagnant resulted in the disc being a multidisc arrangement of alternately rotating discs creating multitudinously small vortices.

Ley discs have a flat face where as Earth Energy discs have a wavy face and may be curved: using a dowsing rod shows this quite clearly walking in a straight line for leys and a sinusoid pattern for earth energy discs.

These ley discs should not be confused with Watkins leys which were simply lines that went through five special sites in a line on a map; no energy being associated with them. So these energy discs should be referred to as ‘Flat Faced or Crinkly Faced Earth Energy Discs. Leaving leys as originally defined.”

Certainly this gives food for thought as many of us understand energy lines to have a “wall of dowsable energy” above them, and converting our thoughts into this wall being ‘inclined’ or ‘wedge shaped’ is not too far of a stretch. But what some in the meeting were questioning and having problems with were energy lines (like the Michael/Mary) that weave about in their positive/negative attributes between nodes. How can they be straight or evenly sinusoidal?

Alas we ran out of time. Nevertheless all were agreed this was very good talk, and demonstrated dowsing and the use of rods and pendulums at its best for healing.

Richard Sears

David is a Tutor for the British Society of Dowsers and World Federation of Healers and will be running a dowsing for ‘beginners to intermediate’ workshop for us in May.He also runs a range of other workshops and these can be found at 

Book Review – The Divining Mind

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THE DIVINING MIND by T. Ross & R. Wright

 Destiny Books (1 Dec. 1990) ISBN-13 : 9780892812639

A brief and concise introduction to all aspects of dowsing. It takes you through basic dowsing techniques using twigs, rods and pendulums.

Enjoyable, easy to follow and very informative. The beginner will be able to commence dowsing immediately, and progress in stages from simple to more complex dowsing such as remote.

The book imparts sage advice, primarily to work in stages, get used to one stage before trying to progress to the next – and it also guards against involvement with matters beyond your confidence.

A brilliant start to my researches.  Paul Kenny


Book Review – The Hidden Messages In Water

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The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto


This is a piece of revolutionary work by an eminent Japanese scientist who found that by freezing water exposed to different thoughts, conditions and music etc., the frozen water crystals exhibit a corresponding ‘beauty’ or ‘ugliness’ in their formation when photographed. Read more

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