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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Gunther Schneck recently who has been a DD member since 1995. He leaves a wife and three sons. Funeral arrangements are private.

We have received the following from Michiko Schneck,  his daughter in law from Mumbai, India which is reproduced in full for your interest.

The importance of clearing energy disturbances when admitted to hospital.

In the memory of my dearest teacher and father in law, Dr Gunther Schneck            

by Michiko Schneck

Last Christmas, all our family got together in Devon as we all knew that Gunther’s health was deteriorating and learnt that he was having pancreatic cancer.

As some readers may know, Dr Gunther Schneck was a devoted dowser who was always finding interesting and new earth energies. Since I am the only member of the family who is really interested in this subject, he spent so much time with me sharing all his knowledge and findings. I learnt so much from him.

In February, my husband was told that Gunther was seriously ill and may only have few more days of life. My husband decided to go back to England from India. His two brothers also travelled back from the USA and Austria to see their parents.

First thing I did when I heard this news was to dowse.
– Is he really in a critical condition?
– What is his physical energy level?
– What about emotional and mental energy level?
– Is he affected by some external energies, like psychic energies left in the hospital?

I know that there are a few levels to check and that I can release and cleanse unwanted energies. Nearly 15 years of experience in healing and dowsing brought me to that direction straight away. I knew that Gunther would do the same if he was in good health.

Yes, he was very low in physical energy as well as emotional energy.
There were so many entities and psychic energy disturbances around him.

I cleared them out and had a very strong feeling that Gunther still wanted to live – as his mental energy was so strong and clear.

Despite the fact all his immediate family were trying to get ready to accept his departure, I had complete faith in my dowsing and as expected his condition improved as the dowsing indicated.

What I picked up was that so much psychic energies were left in the hospital, not knowing where to go… desperate to live but giving in at the same time. It is like some high suicidal spot. Spirits that had left their bodies had desperate feeling of “I cannot cope with this life any longer” “What is the meaning of this life if I am living like this?” If one has felt bit like that, within a second of those depressive thoughts attract these negative energies and can take over somebody’s life very quickly.

In fact, I have never thought of that, but it made me 100% sure that many lives are lost because of those disturbances and it is so easy to feel downbeat when you are ill.

I started checking his energy levels every day. At the beginning, even every few hours. I just felt that all the energy left in the hospital needed to be cleared. As a healer, I send them healing energy so that they can go back to where they are supposed to be, not to push away. To be honest, only some were very negative and needed serious healing, but all others are quite light and just needed some help. It was matter of quantities and frequencies.

The more I did it, the more I wanted him to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but at the same time, maybe he was telling me to write about this so that more dowsers and healers to be aware. They are able to do something about it and help their families and friends. So it seemed to become our final project together.

When I noticed his low energy, I started to report that to my husband. Gradually he seemed to be aware that what I am doing was not complete fantasy because he could confirm the situation with his mother. Sometimes, my mother in law who had been really brave with the situation and had been absolutely devoted to her husband, started to feel low, and even that had an effect on Gunther, so I had been checking and trying to make the energy clear as possible so that his self healing energy was fully active.

Despite the fact I kept telling my husband that Gunther should be back home for rest of his life, he said it was impossible. Doctors kept trying to see if any of the medication would help, but finally in early April, he was released from the hospital.

It was not totally happy news for other members of the family as that meant that there was no more to be done at the hospital, but how happy I felt for him! How admired the English NHS system to release the patients (never in Japan – where I come from almost all terminally ill people die in the hospital).

As I imagined, no more negative energies attacked him like he was in the hospital. He could see their beautiful garden from his bed and I think he was happy to be back home. His condition was stabilized.

When he was released from hospital he was only given a few days to live but more than a month passed in a quite peaceful way.

Then I had a question and thoughts. If Gunther does not need me to clear energies, I would just stop checking and let it be.

My husband was visiting his parents again in middle of May. I thought that Gunther would be happy to have him visit and I did not have any doubt so I did not even check how he was for some days. On the day my husband was travelling down to Devon, I had an e-mail from him, saying that Gunther was in a very critical condition.

I checked his energy and I did not even want to stop the pendulum to show the result. It was obviously low. Mental level was also very low but somehow his emotional level was good.

I tried to clear the energy but it did not last very long. I was not sure what could be done but lots of peaceful healing energy went in.

It was 13th May and that was my final energy checking for my father in law. He had his 88th birthday only several days ago.

Since we had planned to visit in June, I really hoped to see him in person but he seemed to have chosen the right timing for his beloved wife. He knew that she needed support more than anybody and he did make the right decision. As I know that Gunther was emotionally happy, I am so happy for him that he ended his life with dignity and his will, which I believe. My Indian friend said that that is the true way of spiritual person’s choice and only few could achieve. Yes, he deserved it so.

He was such a jolly person who had a really good sense of humour. I can imagine him smiling, singing, joking and enjoying to be back with his soul.

As our 12 and 5 year old children are already into dowsing, I am sure that we will keep him busy as our dowsing guide for some time.

With compassion and gratitude,

Michiko Schneck,  
Mumbai, India 18th May 2017

Christopher Done – 11th Oct 1950 – 13th October 2016

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As already posted on this website – Chris, one of our members on Council passed away on 13th October and his funeral was on Tues 1st November at the North Devon Crematorium in Barnstaple. Read more

Chris Done – Member of Devon Dowsers

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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Chris Done on Thursday 13th October 2016 in North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple.

Chris had been a member for four years, and was a Co-opted member of our Council supporting Bill Kenny with the website administration for which we were all very grateful. He had a great sense of humour which we will all miss.

The funeral will take place at North Devon Crematorium, Old Torrington Road, Barnstaple, EX31 3NW on Tuesday 1st November at 11am.

Refreshments afterwards at Yeoldon House Hotel at Northam, near Bideford, EX39 2RL – all welcome.

A card has already been sent to his brother John from all members of Devon Dowsers.

Diana Burton – Secretary

Report On David Purnell’s Life Celebration 11th June

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 About a dozen of us   assembled on Saturday 11th June at the Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt at 10 o’clock for coffee then moved on, sharing cars, to the Green Burial site at George Nympton.   The rain stayed away which was a blessing.  A silver birch tree had been democratically chosen to head David’s grave, and this was planted with love but no ceremony,  as David would have wished.
After a short reflective period, we returned to the Exeter Inn for an excellent lunch, lots of chat and memories, and raised a glass to our dear and interesting friend before departing at approx 3 pm.

L. James

New Book by Devon Dowsers Member Nigel Twinn

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CS Book Cover

Devon Dowsers (and also Tamar Dowsers) member Nigel Twinn announces the publication of his new book – a collaboration with Christopher Strong – entitled Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser – Practicing Intuition in Every Aspect of Living – which is now available from Penwith Press
Please see for details.

Nigel will also have a book signing day at BookStop in Tavistock on Friday June 10th between 10am and mid- afternoon. See

As many readers who have met him will know, Christopher is not only one of the most experienced and respected dowsers of his generation, but he is also a consummate raconteur in his own right.

While the book describes his remarkable life’s journey, primarily in his own words, the selected extracts from a portfolio running into thousands of successful case studies, spread across several decades and numerous countries, form the core of this fascinating, and often highly amusing, epic.

Nigel reports that working with Christopher has been both a pleasure and a privilege and adds that his own contribution (other than in getting the saga into print) has been to record the essence of Christopher’s many challenges and adventures. These have resulted in the development of a wonderfully integrated outlook on life that few – even amongst the ranks of senior dowsing professionals – can match.

We congratulate Nigel on his achievement and wish both him and Christopher every future success.

The Admin Team

A Celebration Of The Life Of David Purnell

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A celebration of the life of David L Purnell (2nd June 1940 – 20th February 2016)  Is being held on Saturday, 11th June 2016.

Details are as follows: 
10/10:30am Meet for coffee at  
The Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt tel : 01 769 – 540 281 Post Code : EX37 9NS

11:00am Proceed in fewest cars for silver birch planting to Woodhouse Farm

tel : 01 769 – 574 512 Post Code : EX36 4JH.  Please Wear suitable clothing and boots if wet..

Noon onwards Lunch at The Exeter Inn

Some of David’s books and CD’s will be available, if you wish to have a keepsake.. Donations to defray expenses will be appreciated.

You are invited to join this celebration of David’s life and influence.

Please confirm your attendance, either by telephoning John Down on 01 769 – 560 403 or by e-mailing Loveday James at

If you know anyone else who might like to attend, please pass this message on.

The Admin Team

Death of David Purnell

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It is with much sadness that the death is announced of David Purnell.

On the evening of Saturday 20th February, he left us peacefully and with great dignity, having suffered  with multiple sclerosis for many years.

David was a long standing member of Devon Dowsers.   He served on the Council for several years,  a competent Treasurer ,  a dedicated member always ready to help.

In accordance with David’s wishes,  there will be a Green burial with no ceremony.

A Gathering of friends and family to celebrate Davids life, swap stories and share memories will take place when the time is right.

Full information will be made available here well in advance of the event. We hope as many people as possible who knew David and loved him, will attend then.

The Admin Team

The Greenwich Meridian – The Axis of Heaven

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The Greenwich Meridian – The Axis of Heaven:  A presentation to Tamar Dowsers by Paul Broadhurst

Paul Broadhurst is also the Devon Dowsers’ speaker on the 14th April 2015. Here is a report by Nigel Twinn of Paul’s talk to Tamar Dowsers last Sunday 15th March 2015.

See also: and

Read more

Animal Communication – A talk by Ann Lodygowski at North Hill Village Hall – November 2014

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Ann Lodygowski will be our speaker on the 13th October 2015.
For your interest here is a report by Nigel Twinn on her talk to Tamar Dowsers in November 2014.

Animal Communication – A talk to Tamar Dowsers by Ann Lodygowski

There can be few more practical and rewarding uses of the dowser’s craft than the skill of communicating with animals – or rather that of enabling them to communicate with us. Read more

The Devon Dowsers’ Shop Price List

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Large       £20.00
Medium  £16.00
Small       £12.00

Bronze (4.80 mm) –  £12.00
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Stainless Steel (3.20 mm) – £9.00

Bronze (4.80 mm) –  £ 9.50 / £7.50
Bronze (3.20 mm) –  £ 6.00
Stainless Steel  (3.20 mm) –  £ 6.00

Wooden – £5.50
Crystal – £9.00 / £8.50
Rose Quartz / Clear Quartz
Blue and Black Obsidian
Carnelian, Amethyst
Opal, Lapis Lazuli
Tiger’s Eye, Labrodite

Rose Quartz,
Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst – £10.00

BAGS  Black Velvet – 50p

MAGER ROSETTE    – £2.00

BOOK   Dowsing with wands –  £5.00          






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