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Once again we are having our stand at this popular Mind, Body, Spirit event.

Volunteers needed to help man the stand and show people how to dowse.

If you would like to help please contact us via the Contact page on this website.



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Once again we are having our stand at this popular Mind, Body, Spirit event.

Volunteers needed to help man the stand and show people how to dowse. If you would like to help please put your name down at the next meeting or contact us via the Contact page on this website.



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Arrival 9.30 for 10-00am start to 4.15pm

Cost £25. Limited numbers.


Are you interested in learning to dowse or in refreshing your skills?

If so please contact us via the Contact page on this website

or put your name down on the sheet at meetings.


To book your place please send a cheque made out to ‘Devon Dowsers’ for £25 to John Stedman, Treasurer, Higher Brownstone, Black Dog, Crediton, Devon, EX17 4QE.


If you have them bring your own rods, pendulums etc. or borrow or buy them on the day.

Tea, coffee, biscuits included but please bring your own lunch.

There are no cooking facilities available.



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Books referred to in ‘Reincarnation The Evidence’ talk

by Chris Hytch  08/05/18

  • Cayce Edgar – On Reincarnation
  • Bernstein Morey – The Search For Bridey Murphy
  • Dyer Wayne and Garnes Dee – Memories Of Heaven
  • Fisher Joe – The Case For Reincarnation
  • Keeton Joe with Simon Petherick – The Power Of The Mind
  • Lenz Frederick – Lifetimes, True Accounts Of Reincarnation
  • Lonegren Sig – Spiritual Dowsing
  • Lucas Winafred Blake – Regression Therapy, A Handbook For Professionals
  • Newton Michael – Journey Of Souls, Case Studies Of Life Between Lives
  • Shroder Tom – Old Souls – The Scientific Evidence For Past Lives


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REMINDER – our next meeting is next Tuesday 8th May when Chris Hytch from Launceston will be talking about the “Evidence for Past Lives and how Dowsing Techniques can help in Verification”.  This is our last talk until September so please return any Library books.

The talk will take place in the Function room at the Red Lion Hotel in the centre of Chulmleigh in mid Devon starting promptly at 7.30pm.

All are welcome.  The cost to non members and guests is £5, or join on the night and get in free.


We will also be collecting the money for our St. Nectan’s Waterfall and Rocky Valley trip on Saturday 18th August.  Please pay on Tuesday if possible as we have to book and pay before the day. We have a discounted entry price of £5.35. The closing date for names is 31st July. Thank you.



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DFest 2018

As you will be aware from the previous announcements and emails, together with Somerset Dowsers we have been organising the South West’s first Dowsing Festival – DFest SW 18, which will be taking place on Sat 23rd & Sun 24th June, in and around South Zeal in Devon.

Booking has been open for this now for the last couple of weeks, and we’re glad to have some of you joining us already.

I wanted to let you know that the Event will very soon be publicised more widely – to BSD Affiliated Local Groups around the Country, and at the BSD Spring Symposium at the end of this week.

As a Local South West Group we have had priority booking, so if you want to come along and would like to stand the best chance of securing your choices of Outings/Workshop (as these will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis), we would recommend getting in there soon (before it is more widely publicised).

As a Member of Devon Dowsers the whole weekend costs £40 (not including food and accommodation) – which gives you a £10 discount on the full fee of £50.  You can come for just a day if you wish – please see the Booking form for day costs.

The weekend is open to novices and experts alike and promises to be a wonderful opportunity to enhance your dowsing skills, have fun and socialise with other dowsers.  Friends and family welcome too.

We hope that many of you will be joining us for this great weekend.

Gwynn Paulett – Chairman

For full details and necessary documentation, please see the Devon Dowser’s website, and please return booking forms to Diana (as per the Booking Form).






SOMERSET DOWSERS – Health Dowsing Workshop on 25th February

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This is a Somerset Dowsers workshop published for your interest
Health Dowsing Workshop – Sunday 25th February 2018
The Somerset Dowsers will be running a Health Dowsing Workshop, to look at Dowsing for Health and the many ways in which this can be done.  It will be a practical Workshop, so please bring your pendulums or other dowsing tools.  The shop will be open for the purchasing of tools and other goodies.
The workshop will be held at Ruishton Village Hall, and will run from 10am – 4.30pm, at a cost of £20 for SD Members, and £30 for Non-Members.  This amazing opportunity includes lunch at the local pub, and refreshments.  Tickets and schedule will be sent on receipt of payment.  
Please contact Sarah to book your place, along with your food choice from the menu below, on
There will be four sessions in the day led by Mandy Bennett, Sarah Shaw and Gillian Lowe.
The day will start with a general introduction to Health Dowsing, by Mandy, including the many ways of dowsing health, different aspects to dowse, and the importance of protection, protocols, and permission.
Sarah will show us how to dowse the aura, and the chakras, and how the functioning and healing of chakras, as well as other factors have an impact on the aura.
Gilly will share some of her expertise as a Radionics Practitioner, and how to use charts for dowsing to determine issues and their possible resolution.
The day will finish with Mandy demonstrating how to dowse for root causes of issues along a timeline, to determine the origins of health problems.
Mandy is a Professional Health Dowser, NLP Master Practitioner and Energy Therapist.  She works with people, places and animals to improve their health, having developed her skills since having trained with Jack Temple.  For further info see 
Sarah is a Professional Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist and Dowser. She works from her home in Somerton and runs training courses throughout the year in the various fields of her expertise.  In addition to this she also runs one-to-one sessions for clients and a successful bi-weekly Development Group. She is a qualified teacher and also lectures on other subject matter at a local college on both Degree and Diploma level courses.  For further info see
Gillian Lowe BSc MRadA.  After working in the immunological side of cancer research in Edinburgh and moving to the South West Gilly took up an interest in complementary medicine, qualifying as a Radionic Practitioner in 1994. Radionics is a form of healing used by working distantly and relying on dowsing techniques to assess the health of people, animals and plants.
We look forward to you joining us for this fun and informative event. Please book early with me (Sarah) to avoid disappointment as tickets are restricted.
The Ruishton Inn
Menu –  hot food availability:
  • Roast Beef Sunday Lunch
  • Vegetable Curry (GF & Vegan)
  • 5 Bean Chilli (GF & Vegan)
If there are any food allergies or queries please contact me.

Dowsing A Plastic Bottle Found On Dawlish Warren Beach

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My daily walk along Dawlish Warren beach includes taking a black sack and filling it with non bio-degradable rubbish washed up along the shore line. I then leave what is recyclable in the skips left in the car park. One day I found myself wondering where one of the four plastic bottles had come from that day, so I dowsed asking the following questions:

Q1. Did you enter the sea from a boat or from the land? Ans. Land.

Q2. In which continent was the land, was it Europe? Ans. Yes

Q3. Which country was the land where you entered the sea? Ans. Great Britain.

Q4. Which county did you enter the sea from? Was it Dorset? Ans. No. Was it Devon? Ans. No. Was it Cornwall? Ans. Yes.

Q5. How long did it take to travel from Cornwall to Dawlish Warren? Ans. One year 3 months. (that made entry date August 2016.

Q6. I map dowsed the south coast of Cornwall running my finger along the coastline and asked, with the bottle in front of me, “Show me where you entered the sea.” Ans. Penzance.

Q7. Was the bottle left by a local Cornish person? Ans. No. Was it a holiday maker from outside of Cornwall? Ans. Yes.

Gwynn Paulett

Volunteers Needed To Teach People How To Dowse At Lightfest UK

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Devon Dowsers are attending this event to demonstrate dowsing and to teach others how to dowse.
We are looking for Members to help with this and  with the stand.
Please Come Along If You Can.
For  more information  see and fbk.


Psychics and Spiritual Gift Retailers in the South West have secured FOR A ONE DAY ONLY LIGHTFEST UK some of the best Holistic Practitioners, Mediums and MBS events on Saturday 16th September at Padbrook Park Hotel (EX15 1RU  (Directions Below)


  • Leave the M5 at J28 and follow signs for Cullompton High Street.
  • At the M5 Services roundabout, go straight/2nd exit for Cullompton, this is Station Road/B3181.
  • Continue past Weary Traveller pub on the left and take first left at roundabout towards Tesco Fuel/Superstore.
  • Go straight over the Tesco Roundabout and follow the road up past the Police Station on the left continue up to the traffic lights.
  • At the junction/traffic lights, turn left onto the High Street/B3181.
  • Continue to the end of the High Street, passing the Library on the right and continue past Aldi Superstore on the left hand side.
  • Continue onward and go straight over/second left at the roundabout heading to Bradninch.
  • Padbrook Park Hotel is the second turning on the right.


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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Gunther Schneck recently who has been a DD member since 1995. He leaves a wife and three sons. Funeral arrangements are private.

We have received the following from Michiko Schneck,  his daughter in law from Mumbai, India which is reproduced in full for your interest.

The importance of clearing energy disturbances when admitted to hospital.

In the memory of my dearest teacher and father in law, Dr Gunther Schneck            

by Michiko Schneck

Last Christmas, all our family got together in Devon as we all knew that Gunther’s health was deteriorating and learnt that he was having pancreatic cancer.

As some readers may know, Dr Gunther Schneck was a devoted dowser who was always finding interesting and new earth energies. Since I am the only member of the family who is really interested in this subject, he spent so much time with me sharing all his knowledge and findings. I learnt so much from him.

In February, my husband was told that Gunther was seriously ill and may only have few more days of life. My husband decided to go back to England from India. His two brothers also travelled back from the USA and Austria to see their parents.

First thing I did when I heard this news was to dowse.
– Is he really in a critical condition?
– What is his physical energy level?
– What about emotional and mental energy level?
– Is he affected by some external energies, like psychic energies left in the hospital?

I know that there are a few levels to check and that I can release and cleanse unwanted energies. Nearly 15 years of experience in healing and dowsing brought me to that direction straight away. I knew that Gunther would do the same if he was in good health.

Yes, he was very low in physical energy as well as emotional energy.
There were so many entities and psychic energy disturbances around him.

I cleared them out and had a very strong feeling that Gunther still wanted to live – as his mental energy was so strong and clear.

Despite the fact all his immediate family were trying to get ready to accept his departure, I had complete faith in my dowsing and as expected his condition improved as the dowsing indicated.

What I picked up was that so much psychic energies were left in the hospital, not knowing where to go… desperate to live but giving in at the same time. It is like some high suicidal spot. Spirits that had left their bodies had desperate feeling of “I cannot cope with this life any longer” “What is the meaning of this life if I am living like this?” If one has felt bit like that, within a second of those depressive thoughts attract these negative energies and can take over somebody’s life very quickly.

In fact, I have never thought of that, but it made me 100% sure that many lives are lost because of those disturbances and it is so easy to feel downbeat when you are ill.

I started checking his energy levels every day. At the beginning, even every few hours. I just felt that all the energy left in the hospital needed to be cleared. As a healer, I send them healing energy so that they can go back to where they are supposed to be, not to push away. To be honest, only some were very negative and needed serious healing, but all others are quite light and just needed some help. It was matter of quantities and frequencies.

The more I did it, the more I wanted him to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but at the same time, maybe he was telling me to write about this so that more dowsers and healers to be aware. They are able to do something about it and help their families and friends. So it seemed to become our final project together.

When I noticed his low energy, I started to report that to my husband. Gradually he seemed to be aware that what I am doing was not complete fantasy because he could confirm the situation with his mother. Sometimes, my mother in law who had been really brave with the situation and had been absolutely devoted to her husband, started to feel low, and even that had an effect on Gunther, so I had been checking and trying to make the energy clear as possible so that his self healing energy was fully active.

Despite the fact I kept telling my husband that Gunther should be back home for rest of his life, he said it was impossible. Doctors kept trying to see if any of the medication would help, but finally in early April, he was released from the hospital.

It was not totally happy news for other members of the family as that meant that there was no more to be done at the hospital, but how happy I felt for him! How admired the English NHS system to release the patients (never in Japan – where I come from almost all terminally ill people die in the hospital).

As I imagined, no more negative energies attacked him like he was in the hospital. He could see their beautiful garden from his bed and I think he was happy to be back home. His condition was stabilized.

When he was released from hospital he was only given a few days to live but more than a month passed in a quite peaceful way.

Then I had a question and thoughts. If Gunther does not need me to clear energies, I would just stop checking and let it be.

My husband was visiting his parents again in middle of May. I thought that Gunther would be happy to have him visit and I did not have any doubt so I did not even check how he was for some days. On the day my husband was travelling down to Devon, I had an e-mail from him, saying that Gunther was in a very critical condition.

I checked his energy and I did not even want to stop the pendulum to show the result. It was obviously low. Mental level was also very low but somehow his emotional level was good.

I tried to clear the energy but it did not last very long. I was not sure what could be done but lots of peaceful healing energy went in.

It was 13th May and that was my final energy checking for my father in law. He had his 88th birthday only several days ago.

Since we had planned to visit in June, I really hoped to see him in person but he seemed to have chosen the right timing for his beloved wife. He knew that she needed support more than anybody and he did make the right decision. As I know that Gunther was emotionally happy, I am so happy for him that he ended his life with dignity and his will, which I believe. My Indian friend said that that is the true way of spiritual person’s choice and only few could achieve. Yes, he deserved it so.

He was such a jolly person who had a really good sense of humour. I can imagine him smiling, singing, joking and enjoying to be back with his soul.

As our 12 and 5 year old children are already into dowsing, I am sure that we will keep him busy as our dowsing guide for some time.

With compassion and gratitude,

Michiko Schneck,  
Mumbai, India 18th May 2017

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