DOWSING TRIP TO FOLLY GATE – Wednesday 12th September

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Wednesday 12th September at 10.30am

We have been asked to use our Dowsing skills to search for a D4 Caterpillar bulldozer which was buried in 1950 in a 26 acre field.

This has now been arranged for Wednesday 12th September meeting at 10.30am in front of the Village Hall car park which is opposite the field.

Folly Gate is just north of Okehampton on the A386 Okehampton/Torrington road. Post Code for Sat Nav EX20 3AB.



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Alan Murray who is organising our Avebury visit prior to the day at Stonehenge has been researching suitably placed campsites.  We have decided on the one below as it is convenient for both places.  Some of us will be staying on the Friday and Saturday 6th & 7th July.  We will research some B&B’s soon. Please put Devon Dowsers at the top of the form so we are in the same field.

See E-mail:




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Proposed ‘optional extra’ visit to Avebury 6th/7th July 2018 (to coincide with the Stonehenge landscape visit with Don Bryan on 8th July)

As for Stonehenge there are two main ‘attractions’ to visiting Avebury – the circle itself and the surrounding landscape.

The Avebury circle, although huge, is easily accessible and a level walk from the National Trust car park (free for members) and there is a NT visitor centre, pub and Henge shop (both inside the circle!), cafés and toilets etc. all close by.

The Avebury landscape walk includes the sites of Silbury Hill, Swallowhead Spring, West Kennet Long Barrow, The Sanctuary and the West Kennet Avenue leading back to Avebury Circle. This is approximately a 6 mile circular walk which is hilly but generally easy going with lots of dowsing opportunities on the way.

For those who would like to do a little more there is Windmill Hill (a Neolithic enclosure 5500 years old) which is on the other side of Avebury. This is well worth visiting, especially as the Mary Michael Lines cross on top of a tumulus within the enclosure. This is an approximately 3 mile walk which is easy level going, and which could be extended to take in the 12th century church of St Mary Magdelene (with its Glastonbury Abbey links!).

Proposed timings

Landscape Circular Walk

As the ‘landscape’ walk takes most of a day to do I propose we do that on the Saturday, meeting at the NT car park at 10 am.

Windmill Hill ‘add-on’

For those with time and energy then they can take the walk up to Windmill Hill (probably another couple of hours).

 Avebury Circle

This is probably best done as a self guided tour, either on Friday afternoon if you want to take the guided Saturday landscape circular, or on Saturday if you don’t feel up to the landscape walk. The Mary and Michael Lines

Staying over

Accommodation around Avebury itself is limited and can be expensive.

It is assumed that for those visiting Avebury on Saturday will be setting off to Stonehenge area Saturday afternoon where they will be staying ready for the 10am start for Don Bryan’s Stonehenge landscape walk on Sunday morning. But there are some campsites that would work for both and save moving!

Campsites – all these sites accommodate campervans and tents.

The Bell Caravan and Camping Park (to the south east of Devizes and mid way between Avebury and Stonehenge). This private campsite is located on the

Pilgrim’s Walk which runs between Avebury and Stonehenge, for those needing a little more exercise! Could also work for both trips.

NB This is my favourite for a ‘social camp’ at the moment but I need to talk to them about this and they do not open until early May. We will post the recommendation as soon as we know giving good time to book before we meet in July.

There is a Camping and Caravan Club site at Devizes (which I think is open to non members). Devizes is south west of Avebury and north east of Stonehenge (so could also work for both trips)!

Little Owls Campsite. Again between Avebury and Stonehenge but appears to be a little basic in facilities – no showers?

Postern Hill campsite near Marlborough (about 5 miles to the east of Avebury). Not suitable for both visits but apparently a nice site!

Hotels & B&Bs

A look on Tripadvisor for accommodation around Avebury lists several B&Bs and hotels available nearby (The Lodge is expensive but actually inside the circle!)  Alan Murray – April 2018


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PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to the expected weather conditions.


SOMERSET DOWSERS – Health Dowsing Workshop on 25th February

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This is a Somerset Dowsers workshop published for your interest
Health Dowsing Workshop – Sunday 25th February 2018
The Somerset Dowsers will be running a Health Dowsing Workshop, to look at Dowsing for Health and the many ways in which this can be done.  It will be a practical Workshop, so please bring your pendulums or other dowsing tools.  The shop will be open for the purchasing of tools and other goodies.
The workshop will be held at Ruishton Village Hall, and will run from 10am – 4.30pm, at a cost of £20 for SD Members, and £30 for Non-Members.  This amazing opportunity includes lunch at the local pub, and refreshments.  Tickets and schedule will be sent on receipt of payment.  
Please contact Sarah to book your place, along with your food choice from the menu below, on
There will be four sessions in the day led by Mandy Bennett, Sarah Shaw and Gillian Lowe.
The day will start with a general introduction to Health Dowsing, by Mandy, including the many ways of dowsing health, different aspects to dowse, and the importance of protection, protocols, and permission.
Sarah will show us how to dowse the aura, and the chakras, and how the functioning and healing of chakras, as well as other factors have an impact on the aura.
Gilly will share some of her expertise as a Radionics Practitioner, and how to use charts for dowsing to determine issues and their possible resolution.
The day will finish with Mandy demonstrating how to dowse for root causes of issues along a timeline, to determine the origins of health problems.
Mandy is a Professional Health Dowser, NLP Master Practitioner and Energy Therapist.  She works with people, places and animals to improve their health, having developed her skills since having trained with Jack Temple.  For further info see 
Sarah is a Professional Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist and Dowser. She works from her home in Somerton and runs training courses throughout the year in the various fields of her expertise.  In addition to this she also runs one-to-one sessions for clients and a successful bi-weekly Development Group. She is a qualified teacher and also lectures on other subject matter at a local college on both Degree and Diploma level courses.  For further info see
Gillian Lowe BSc MRadA.  After working in the immunological side of cancer research in Edinburgh and moving to the South West Gilly took up an interest in complementary medicine, qualifying as a Radionic Practitioner in 1994. Radionics is a form of healing used by working distantly and relying on dowsing techniques to assess the health of people, animals and plants.
We look forward to you joining us for this fun and informative event. Please book early with me (Sarah) to avoid disappointment as tickets are restricted.
The Ruishton Inn
Menu –  hot food availability:
  • Roast Beef Sunday Lunch
  • Vegetable Curry (GF & Vegan)
  • 5 Bean Chilli (GF & Vegan)
If there are any food allergies or queries please contact me.

Can One Go Pokémon Dowsing!?

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OK – what connects the 17th Century Market Hall in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, a Pokémon Go! image and the 2016 World Of Music And Dance (WOMAD) festival? Answer – as ever, co-incidence. Read more

More on Berry Castle – A Report from Gwynn Paulett

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Amongst the crowd there were fourteen Devon Dowsers who attended the second opening of Berry Castle, the first being in 764 BC according to my dowsing. Back in those days there were probably a few trained hawks flying over the hill, rather than a 2016 AD drone we were asked to wave at so that we could see ourselves waving whilst watching You Tube on our iPhones at some later point. Read more

The Big Berry Wave

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Last week both Devon Dowsers and Tamar Dowsers attended the first Open Day held by the newly formed “Friends of Berry” group (FOB) in Huntshaw Woods near Torrington in North Devon.

In amongst the programme of guided tours of the Iron Age hill fort, enactment demo’s and other activities at 1pm we were all asked, both visitors and exhibitors alike, to line the perimeter mound for the “Big Berry Wave”

Click on the link below to see the result from Skyz Ink’s drone organised FOB and count us dowsers (the ones with their rods in their hands!) and also at about 1 min 48 sec into the video you should see some of the roundhouses we marked out.

Click here for the Video.

Richard Sears

The Fort in the (former) Forest – Archaeological Dowsing at Berry Castle

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The pine plantations overlooking Huntshaw Mill near Torrington are hardly comparable with the tropical rainforest. Yet, here in darkest north Devon, an ancient tranche of the built environment has recently reappeared – after a long period of abandonment and neglect. Read more

Remote Viewing And Map Dowsing Practice Resource

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Remote Viewing/Map Dowsing practice.

Please see this contact we have received from the USA. Devon Dowsers  has received this message from Lyn Buchanan of the USA and it is posted here for your interest and for practice purposes. Read more

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23 & 24 June 2018

South Zeal, Devon

As the nights draw in and winter approaches, we can look back to June’s sunshine and reflect on the success of DFest, the first South West Dowsing Festival. Over 100 people attended and used the evaluation form to share how much they had enjoyed the weekend. It was a chance to dowse at some of Dartmoor’s iconic sites, to listen to engaging speakers, and to attend fascinating Dowsing Workshops.

A digital souvenir report is available HERE and under the Activities menu. We hope this will provide you with enjoyable memories and provide inspiration with your dowsing throughout the winter months.