NEW EVENT – Walk and Dowse East Okement River Valley Saturday 17th June

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A walk up the East Okement River Valley, near Okehampton.  Saturday 17th June. The walk starts at 10.30am or be there at 9.30am for breakfast. Bring a picnic for lunch if you like

This is a walk for adults only. Free to DD members who are welcome to bring Guests. The event is also open to other Dowsers. Charge for other dowsers and Guests is £3.

We will walk up the East Okement River valley, up part of the Tarka Trail and through West Cleave, a beautiful wooded area where there are waterfalls, and where we can commune with Nature Spirits and tree dowse.

From West Cleave you can return to the station which will be a 3 mile walk in total. If you would like to walk 6 miles in total, then the walk will continue to the Nine Maidens at Belstone Tor and return via the Tarka trail back down the Okement valley to the station.

The Railway Station café has refreshments for before and/or after plus toilets. More details to follow.

There will be a sheet at DD meetings to put your name down or contact us via the Contact page on this website.

Please note – This replaces our proposed trip to St. Michael’s Mount which had  to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Admin Team

Bosiliack and Beyond – An outing with Palden Jenkins to West Penwith

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Geomancer, landscape historian, peace activist and author – Palden Jenkins has many strands to his personal DNA. Read more

Coldridge Fair 2016

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Coldridge was a “hot” ridge when five of us shared the Devon Dowsers stand at the annual fair on the 2nd July 2016. Sally had thoughtfully arranged a sturdy gazebo to shelter from the odd shower and the sun, which benefited both ourselves and her dance troop who were colourfully dancing inside the arena. Read more

The Tool Box – Another Encounter At The Survivalist Fair

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It is always interesting to hear about how dowsing may be used in a person’s job or work place. A conversation arose on Rosemoor lawn with a member of the public who was telling me how he had used dowsing in desperation to find a water pipe running across a client’s garden. He was doing some ground works and whilst it was known there was a water pipe under the garden, no one knew where it was. Having dug numerous holes he could not find it so rang his father for advice who suggested dowsing for it which is what he did with a bit of wire, having never dowsed before. He successfully located the pipe saving a lot of time and further disruption to the garden.

He had not dowsed since, so we walked over the lawn and he found water and energy lines. We muscle tested the negative energy line and his arm easily sank to his side whilst standing on the edge of the line. We talked about his current work of hedge planting and stone wall building.

I asked him if he had noticed that in an established hedge line there was sometimes a gap where the hedge wasn’t growing or where one piece of hedge had died or had hardly grown. I suggested that the cause could be because a negative energy line was flowing under it. With “permission” this could be changed to positive, or diverted now he knew he could dowse with confidence. Without doing this, replanting would be a waste of time and money and could save a client both.

He then shared an observation that had baffled him when out in open country building stone walls. He noticed that for much of the time he and his work mates could make good progress but there were some days when for no apparent reason the whole team was lethargic and very little progress was made, and this could not be explained by an excess of lager the night before or Exeter City losing again. We speculated that a possible cause was that the work was taking place in an area of strong negative earth energy and that next time he could dowse for this and then either move the energy and/or ask for protection for him and his work mates.

What became apparent was that a pair of dowsing rods which stayed in his tool box, now looked like an essential piece of kit to bring to every work location.

Gwynn Paulett

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney. Part 2: New Discoveries at Salt Knowe and in the Circle – 2001

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Double Click Twice For A Larger Image

W arc to NW Read more

Some Ritual Movement Dowsing Discoveries

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Read more

Was there a Celtic Sanctuary in Mid-Devon? Part One.

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If anyone out there enjoys a challenge, then read on….!

Well over a year ago I was contacted by Peter Green, the then chairman of Bow History Society, regarding my 2006 comment about the ‘nymets’ of mid-Devon on the Megalithic Portal website. ( Read more

Was There A Celtic Sanctuary In Mid-Devon? Part Two.

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Following last November’s [2011] article (Reprinted here in Part One of this post. Ed)  in Devon Dowsers’ News and about our search for a major Celtic Sanctuary in the Bow area and the possible ‘water shrine’ that was dowsed in a field [SX677955] next to the infant River Yeo not far downstream from its source near Trundlebeer* (just north of the A30), I’m curious to know if anyone has anything further to add. Did any DD members physically check out the site with their rods or pendulums, or map-dowse this area? Read more

Finding Mazes (Or Are They Labyrinths?)

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St.David`s Head, Pembrokeshire

Persephone (my second camper-van!) and I travelled to Pembrokeshire in July 2004. My objectives were twofold: to have a quiet, peaceful break, and to explore the area around St.David`s Head in more detail. I had previously spent a couple of days there the year before, on a trip back from Southern Ireland. What I saw, and felt, I liked, and decided to return to the area this year. Read more

My First Steps In Dowsing – On Road Construction in Devon.

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Click To Enlarge The Picture

In the late 80’s I was involved in the construction of the North Devon Link Road (A361) up from Tiverton to where I lived in Barnstaple. At that time John Bowers was running Dowsing classes and having done the course, like many others kept heckling him for more advanced courses, to which his response happily was to start up Devon Dowsers in late 1992, to which we all joined. Read more

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