What’s On

March 2023

We had a full house for Jacqueline Lawes’ Workshop on the 12th February at Ashburton. Jacqueline gently guided us through a number of natural healing techniques which we could use everyday to expand our energy systems. We worked on our thymus, some acupressure points, our aura and the development of positive thinking. Jacqueline’s clear, patient and loving teaching style, enabled us to slow down and re energise, using the natural techniques she demonstrated. We were able to check their effectiveness by dowsing.

As always, members shared a wide range of dowsing applications at Steve’s Dowsing Development Group. Because dowsing is in everyday use by many members, trying to think of something to share in the group can paradoxically be a struggle to recall. The mix is fascinating, leaving one to think, ‘I must have a go at dowsing that’!

27 members came along to the Zoom Book/Video club facilitated by Martin on 23rd. The subject was dowsing for ones Health and well-being, using Barry Witton’s booklet

Dowsing Lifestyle Changes’. From the results shared by members who had dowsed the subjects and used the scales, the exercise had been both illuminating, and beneficial.

Spring has sprung, and the Camilla’s flowers are coming out looking as stunning as ever. As the days growing longer, let’s take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some dowsing in the garden, park or in wilder places.

Those of you who dowse earth energies will enjoy the Zoom talk on the 12th March to be given by Barry Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, entitled ‘The Holy Axis’.

I anticipate that the dates for future talks listed will be finalised during March.


To read more about the exciting events coming up in March please click on the link below.

Whats On – MARCH 2023

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