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Devon Dowsers’ new web site is already receiving visitors from Canada, New Zealand, Ukraine, India, China, Sweden, Australia and the USA as well as the UK – which seems a decent beginning for a site that was only completed about a month ago. The most important element in any website’s appeal however is maintaining new and interesting content. So, to sustain and develop continued international interest in Devon Dowsers activities, we need a constant stream of new articles on dowsing and dowsing–related topics.

One of the advantages of using a website for publicity, and for publications in general, is that we do not suffer the space restrictions imposed by the printed media. This means we can publish longer, more in-depth pieces of five hundred words or more which can include pictures in full colour. We can even include short pieces of film and sound files where they add extra interest.

A second advantage of online publication over printed materials is that artificial deadlines become wholly unnecessary. We are currently forming an editorial team which will publish articles and news items of interest on a continuous basis. Suitable pieces can be published within 24 hours of receiving them and the only deadlines in operation will be those needed to make news items topical.

We are unable to offer any payment for articles, but authors will retain full copyright on their published work, and their permissions will always be sought if the Editors receive requests for articles to be reprinted in other journals or on other websites. All published articles will also be retained in the website’s indexes in perpetuity – or for as long as the site continues – and so will be accessible at all times through the site’s in-built search facilities.

The Editing Team – Maintaining Standards and Good Practices

The editorial team will consist of people who are either experienced and knowledgeable dowsers, or people interested in dowsing who are experienced writers. Their primary task will be to ensure that Devon Dowsers’ articles are knowledgeable, interesting and legal as well as grammatically correct and reasonably readable. To these ends, all scripts submitted for publication, even those written by members of the editorial team themselves may be subject to some editing.

Editorial changes will generally be made without prior discussion with authors because of time constraints but with one important exception. We are particularly keen to encourage items from inexperienced writers and so for them the editors will be more than happy to help with preparing ideas – however sketchy – to publishable standards.

The AdminTeam – 26.3.2014

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