Devon Dowsers, Tamar Dowsers, Trencrom Dowsers,

Thames Valley Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers

8.00 pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

Emma Cunis Zoom Talk 




Indigenous people around the world consider sacred, the mountains, rivers, springs, and other natural features. Perhaps the extraordinary tors of Dartmoor were similarly revered before the building of stone circles and rows. We will explore the different shapes of tors, the stories associated with them, as well as the monuments that were built around them, some of which still exist to this day including Tor-enclosed Cairns (burial chambers); Neolithic Tor Enclosures which may have been used for excarnation; and deliberately Propped Stones. 

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After a 20 years global business career, Emma returned to her native Devon to turn her love of Dartmoor into her future. Emma qualified as a Hill & Moorland Leader (HML) and is now an inspiring Walking Guide, Nature-Connection Facilitator, Health & Life Coach, and Author. She creates walks and nature-connection experiences that invite a deeper (re)connection with our bodies, communities, and the land so that we can be happier, healthier, and inspired to care for our natural world. BA Hons History; MSc Marketing; Macrobiotic Counsellor & Cook


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