Devon, Tamar, Trencrom,

Somerset, Thames Valley Dowsers


Talk on Sunday 6th June, 7 pm

Jude Currivan: Living the Evolutionary Power of Unity

Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, international best-selling author, most recently of The Cosmic Hologram and previously one of the UK’s most senior international business women.  She has a Master’s degree specialising in cosmology and quantum physics, and a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies. Experiencing life-long multidimensional realities and working with wisdom keepers of many traditions, her work integrates leading-edge science, consciousness research, and universal wisdom teachings. She is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle ( and co-founder of Whole World-View serving the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unity consciousness and aiming to empower transformational change. Websites:    Facebook:   WholeWorld-View       You tube:   Whole World-View Net

This participative and experiential session with Dr Jude Currivan will explore how from its beginning 13.8 billion years ago, not in the implied chaos of the big bang but as an exquisitely ordered and continuing Big Breath, leading-edge science is converging with universal wisdom teachings to reveal that our Universe exists and evolves as a unified entity. It does so as a great thought, with mind and consciousness not something we have, but we and the whole world are.

Ever-increasing evidence is showing that each of us is a co-creative microcosm of our Universe’s innate and evolutionary intelligence – and with every thought, emotion, word and action, we contribute to the co-creation of the whole world.

We will also explore and experience how, individually and as a species, the universal impulse to evolve is now inviting us, rather than continuing to play out the ‘illusion’ of separation, to understand, experience and embody the awareness of such unity expressed through diversity. And attune with how individually and collectively we can enter into the lived adventure of multi-dimensional and ever-expanding and evolutionary relationship with our planetary home, Gaia and the entire Cosmos.

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