We are grateful to Sally for sharing her latest inspiring poem ‘I thought I heard these words’ together with her lovely drawing.

I have never met a shiny white angel. I am sure they exist. I have seen their light though through the years – the other day, a teenager with skinny torn jeans, bright vigilant eyes, ever protective of her disabled mother; and the leathered up tattooed biker who stopped at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and didn’t quit until he fixed what seemed unfixable to me. We know them by their actions as well as their words.

Maybe angels are personifications of the light within us all. We just need to remember to shine it.


Below is an an excerpt

A Being of Light shone out of the mist
Suspended between this world and another.
There was no judgement, I felt no fear,
Just awe, and wonder, and why?
“What are you doing?” I was asked,
“I don`t know” I replied, “I`m lost,
As is all of my kind, we are all lost.”
“I know”: said with compassion, “I know”.
Why was I seeing this Being?
Why here, why now?

to read the full poem Click on this link

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