Our friends at Leicester and Rutland Dowsers wish to invite any interested members of Devon Dowsers to a Zoom Talk to be given by Adrian Incledon-Webber on his new book ‘Heal Your Home – Part Two’, at 11.00 am on the 6th February. The charge for this Zoom Talk is £8.00.

Payment will need to made direct to Leicestershire and Rutland bank account by BACS.

Account details and zoom details will be sent once interest is received by email. Please contact Gwynn in the first instance.

Adrian plans to follow his talk with a Q & A session and welcomes questions from all.  For information his new book covers the following areas:

  1. Ghosts, tricky spirits, trapped souls etc.  1a Spirits attached within the auric field
  2. Detrimental/Inappropriate Attachments
  3. Detrimental Energy Forms (Human Manifested)
  4. Lower Animal Life Forms
  5. Sorcery/Black Magic
  6. Spirit Lines
  7. Water Veins/Underground Streams
  8. Any other detrimental water source
  9. Earth Energy Lines
  10. Energy Channels
  11. Fault Lines
  12. Dynamic Energy Lines
  13. Ley Lines (Human Intent Lines)
  14. Energy Spirals
  15. Energetic Sink Holes
  16. Reversal Point
  17. Emotional Energy Areas (Human Conflict)
  18. Psychic Cords
  19. Dimensional Portal
  20. Illness Trigger Points
  21. Consecrated Ground
  22. Any Curses or Spells
  23. Psychic Attack
  24. Power Artefacts
  25. Place Memory
  26. Interdimensional Place Memory
  27. Vows or Contracts
  28. Fractured Souls
  29. Stress/Disturbance Lines (Manmade)
  30. Karma – Parallel Lives Trauma
  31. Implants
  32. Toxic Lines
  33. Chakra Balancing or Blockage
  34. Anything else affecting the house and family (in garden /grounds or close by)
  35. Fabric of Building
  36. Anaesthetic Traces, Inoculations, Heavy Metals
  37. Parasites
  38. Off-World Interference/Attached Cords
  39. Off World Lines
  40. Detrimental Planetary Rays
  41. Technopathic Stress (pylons, cables, radon gas, telephone masts etc)
  42. Human Interference Lines
  43. Fracking
  44. Harmful Frequencies
  45. Guardian of the Site/Spirit of Place or Home
  46. Elementals in house and detrimental pathways
  47. Tree Spirits
  48. Animal Spirits
  49. Animal created Stress Lines
  50. Any beneficial areas to sit/meditate
  51. Energising/Healing Rays
  52. Anything else to be considered regarding the health of the people
  53. Is there anything else detrimental for me to find?
  54. Family DNA clearing and healing
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